Monday 13 April 2015

Embroidery :

So, this is a bit different to my usual posts! I've been at home for my last ever Easter holidays from uni (scary) and during that time I've been without an appropriate wall to take outfit photos. I had a few planned before I came home but they've all been posted already! Eager beaver right here. 

That being said, I'd like to introduce a new concept to my blog. Over the last three weeks I've found myself a hobby that I have been spending faaar too much time on when I should be writing marketing reports... It was my new year's resolution to find a hobby that I could stick to and enjoy, and I think I've done pretty well for that! 

I think it's pretty obvious from the following photos what this hobby is... I kept seeing these beautiful hand designed embroideries on Instagram, hung amongst framed photos and cacti, and that's exactly what I wanted to create! So I spent a few days doodling and drawing out things and then had my first ever attempt... I'm actually pretty proud of the result, and I've even started my own Etsy shop with a few of my designs!

You can check out my little shop here, if you'd so like! 

I'd like to introduce my designs to my blog to run alongside my outfit posts, so I might make this type of post a weekly thing to share what I've been up to...

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