Thursday 18 June 2015

Grey Marl

Tee - GAP
Jeans - ASOS

Over the years my style has changed considerably. Age 14, I was a conflicted teenager, heavy on the eyeliner and graphic t-shirts, with a penchant for Babycham trainers - remember those? I also was DJ Cammy's biggest fan. Looking back at myself is absolute jokes. 

When I started university, I had a big thing for denim cut-offs paired with slouchy jumpers and those long necklaces that got caught on absolutely EVERYTHING. I like to think that I have severed ties with that version of myself as I've grown to understand what actually suits me.

My love for basics and casual clothing is no secret, I pretty much live in this combo of black jeans, Vans and plain t-shirts. It's easy, it's versatile and most importantly - comfortable. If I want to go out for a drink, I'll just swap my Vans for boots and add a dark lip colour et voilĂ ... 

This tee is from GAP. No longer considered uncool 'the GAP' is absolutely spot on for basics - I got this top in two colours, both for under a tenner. I love that the sleeves are halfway short, rather than those annoying length 'cap' sleeves women's tees usually have!

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