Monday 17 August 2015


Shorts : Cheap Monday (old)
Trainers : Adidas Stan Smith

12 photos?! This might be my longest outfit post yet. Kind of proud of that little achievement. I usually take about 150, and delete around 149. I also think I may have found my little photographic spot around the house, being this big, beautiful brick wall. Just look at those bricks. Thank you, brick wall, for solving all my backdrop probz. Oh and look, I've got links to (some of) my outfit. How very bloggable of me.

I love a good basic outfit, and this is exactly that. American Apparel tees are the shiz and I steal them off my boyfriend as often as I can. Usually without him noticing. They're just so comfy and the right amount of oversized. These Cheap Monday shorts are pretty much just boxers, but I'm not complaining...

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