Monday 1 February 2016

OOTD | The best thing about co-ords part 2

Jacket - Zara (old)
Tee - Topshop
Trousers - Zara (sold out!)
Boots - ASOS (similar - ish)

The best thing about co-ords for me, is the ease in which they can create pretty much any outfit you fancy within the clothes you already own. I also like matching. As a child I liked to wear either velvet everything, or tartan everything. As an adult, I'm not much different. I own various different co-ords, and they are some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe - due to their sheer versatility. I like knowing that if I feel like it, I can get dressed literally in 10 seconds.

Still working on those camera settings, not a clue what I'm doing with 'manual'. It's pretty intimidating, having never used anything other than auto before! If anyone has any tips as to exposure, aperture and shutter speed, they'd be greatly appreciated...

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