Wednesday 1 July 2015

Finally some full outfit photos!

Tee - All Saints
Skirt - Motel
Shoes - Birkenstock
Sunglasses - Monki
Necklace - made it myself!

Yes, yes it's been a while. Living away from home and not having a backdrop/full time photographer made blogging tricky. It became all about the white wall and the angled selfie. Fear not. I've moved back home and my sister has been roped back in to take photos and laugh at me. Yay.

Every time I read someone else's blog, I realise that linking the clothes you are wearing to where they're from is a thing. A thing that I never do. Because my clothes are varied levels of vintage - I bought both of these pieces last year and so there's no chance of finding them again - unless your eBay skills are on top form. So I guess I'm doing the blogging thing 'wrong' in terms of promoting current fashions and trends. But then again, I like to think that I don't have to follow fashions and trends in order to dress myself... 

Example: I like this skirt a lot. Just because it's from a year ago, I don't see myself stopping wearing it anytime soon. Just because something is 'out of season', it doesn't mean you have to throw it away! I honestly think the fashion industry has become too way too obsessive about the longevity of trends. I don't even know whether flares or skinnies are more popular right now, I can't keep up! Nothing seems to be a staple anymore and it's sad that something you love for a couple of months is so easily thrown away in place of a new trend.

I realise that this post is a bit of a ramble, but it's about 30 degrees outside and I think I'm going a little delirious from the heat. So I'm just going to sit and listen to Kendrick Lamar and pretend I have no responsibilities today. Which I kind of don't... No job, no more university... I need to sort my life out, but today is not the day!

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