Monday 27 July 2015

This one time, in Cyprus...

Top : GAP
Skirt : Primark
Birkenstocks : Office

I admit it, I'm a terrible blogger. I had all the best intentions of going on holiday and taking a tonne of outfit photos. But once we got there and it was all 40 degree sun and that, I quite honestly couldn't be bothered! Which makes this 'holiday outfit' series rather short, I'm afraid... 

Once I get all my films developed, I may have another post or two filled with our adventures. But for now, these super low quality photos are as good as my Cyprus outfit images get!

We spent almost 12 days in Kyrenia - the northern coast of Cyprus. In my opinion, the northern side of the island is the most beautiful, the people are so friendly and it's far less populated by tourists. We spent most days either chilling at one of the many tranquil pools and beaches of the hotels along the coast or exploring old ruins of castles. We then spent the evenings eating ourselves into halloumi comas and drinking brandy sour's at the harbour. I'm so, so sad to be home and back in the dreary north west!

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