Wednesday 20 January 2016

Top 5 | Topshop

I gave myself a few new years resolutions this year. Give blood. Start Yoga. Move out. Minimalise my wardrobe. 
And by minimalise I didn't mean buy a lot of new monochrome things. But that's sort of how this month is going. To be fair to myself, I'm working on my inner hoarder and have had at least two big(ish) clear outs. But it's just so hard to throw pieces away I have become emotionally attached to! Even if I haven't worn the majority of my clothes in 18+ months. But I'll get there. I just need to be brutal and stop worrying that I'll miss those tye-dye t shirts, pink tartan trousers and umpteen pairs of Converse. Because I really won't.

Kimono Wrap Dress by Boutique
Flannel Mensy Fit Trousers by Boutique
Funnel Neck Sweatshirt
Gingham Oversized Shirt by Boutique
JUNO Soft Glove Mid Shoes

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