Monday 8 December 2014

Gig Guide : Kasabian

Aside from usual posts of wishlists and Pinterest boards and while hiding inside from the cold, I figured I don't really post as much as I'd like to on here.

After four long years at university, I've realised that fashion is not my forte and I don't actually enjoy buying into trends and getting excited over H&M collaborations. Instead I'd rather wear whatever I want to and not care if my nails aren't the right shape for this season. I feel completely the same about this blog. Not that it has nails. But I don't feel like posting things I'm not interested in just for the sake of people agreeing with my opinion. 

Anyway my point being that I'd rather post about things that I enjoy and not plan or force a post I don't feel like. So this post might differ slightly and get no views but at least I enjoyed adding the photos to it... 

When I was fourteen, my friends and I would go to at least a gig a week. My dad would drop us off and pick us up from Manchester or Liverpool after seeing Kids in Glass Houses or N-Dubz (no regretz). The past year I've been reliving my teenage years with my boyfriend by going to as many gigs as we can possibly afford to, and over the last few months we've seen FKA Twigs, Alt-J and Joey Badass - just to name a few.

This weekend just gone has honestly been the best in a while. Travelling down to London to see Kasabian at Brixton was the best decision I think ever? Even if it meant spending about three hours travelling down. Getting drunk on wine and being sped to the gig by an overly excited black-cab driver who didn't want us to miss the start was great. And the set was incredible. We didn't realise until a few hours before that it was going to a late set, with Kasabian only on at 10:45 and only coming off after 1am. Leaving Brixton drenched in beer was well worth the two hours of pure gold. Serge and Tom are my favourite guys. There's just something about watching your favourite band play in a tiny venue with every single person singing along and jumping around that cannot be topped. 

This is the third time I've seen Kasabian and seeing them headline Glastonbury this year was an unreal experience, being in amongst flares and people on shoulders and a cameo by Noel Fielding/Vlad the Impaler... 

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