Thursday 19 February 2015

February Playlist :

Errr duh. Of course Drake. Drake's my number 1 since forever. Granted this mixtape is certainly nothing on nothing was the same. But in my eyes he can really do no wrong. 
Apart from appearing in a particular Nicki Minaj video. But we can get past that.

Father John Misty
One of my favourite things about Spotify is the ability to find amazing artists you've never even heard of before in just a few clicks. This guy in particular is one of those, found through a few 'similar artists'. How cool is that album artwork?!

Jose Gonzalez
He's like a Swedish Ben Howard. Vestiges & Claws is a brilliant, brilliant, beautiful album and if you haven't listened to it yet you're seriously missing out.

Flying Lotus
I'm going to see this guy at some point over the next couple of months and I'm SO excited. This album is genius and I've had it on repeat in between intense Drake sessions...

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