Monday 9 February 2015

What I Wore :

Tee : Primark
Scarf : Debenhams
Jeans : Primark
Boots : ASOS

Apologies for the total weirdness of my recent backdrops. I can't find anywhere that I like, and by the time I do the sun has gone down... Typical really. So I'm back to my usual garden shrubbery backdrop - missed that little plant pot guy!

Life at the moment consists of writing snippets of my dissertation in between motivational Gossip Girl and coffee and ASOS-browsing breaks. I'm writing about how internships affect the fashion industry, and although I pretend to be bored of it, I am actually enjoying writing it. Mainly because it allows me to write down my own experiences through other people's words and share experiences of which I thought I was alone. 

Internships are great. They give you a glowing C.V to compliment your degree and (hopefully) secure you your dream job. Looking back on your own internship is always a rose-tinted-glass experience I think. In reality, you were probably working for pittance - if anything at all - commuting to a cold office, where people didn't take you that seriously and you weren't really given any training in your supposed job role. But it's an experience and a reference you can write up on your C.V. Am I right?

A lot of students are probably taken advantage of, in that if you won't work for free, you can be easily replaced by someone who will. As there's no official definition of what an internship should be, a lot of companies get away with giving their interns mundane tasks and roles that involve no actual thought process. I think the main the issue is to set a definition within the fashion industry - because really it is just fashion that gets away with bending the rules - of what being an intern entails, including pay, job role and experience. Because what's the point in spending three months at a company, unpaid, paying to get to work every morning and not learning anything particularly substantial?

So this post turned into a bit of a ramble... It was good to get that off my chest and I think I've actually manage to conclude my dissertation over a blog post. Kudos to me.

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