Sunday 20 December 2015

The coat of all coats (and a trip to Edinburgh)

Coat - ASOS
Jumper - GAP

Culottes - H&M
Trainers - Vans via FootAsylum

I went to Edinburgh for a little pre-Christmas holiday last week and it was so amazing! I absolutely love city breaks, and after going to Brussels last year, I definitely wanted to go away again this year. I'd never been to Edinburgh before, so it was really nice to explore the city and visit the markets and generally get into the festive spirit - I've literally never listened to so many Christmas songs in such a short amount of time before. Love you Mariah.

Anyway, I'm so sad to be home. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I would love to go back, maybe in summer to see more of what it has to offer! These photos were taken up at the castle that sits in the middle of the city, next to Old Town and Grassmarket - where we found some pretty little pubs to drink gallons of wine in. By no means do I know my way around Edinburgh, but I'm tempted to upload a photo diary of where we went and what we did!

I bought this coat on ASOS as soon as I spotted it on the new in section during a 1am browse. It is my dreammmm coat, one I've been searching for, for actual months. There was a similar one by Topshop Boutique a couple of years ago that I've been moping about for so long. I was convinced that massive puffer coats were a thing of my primary school past, but I'm finding that I'm more and more gravitationally pulled towards them every time I go into a Zara. This ASOS version sold out in about two days so I'm mega happy with having got my hands on it! It's a Christmas miracle. Lol. 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!!

**I don't think I could have mentioned Christmas more times in this post**

Thursday 10 December 2015