Monday 30 March 2015

What I Wore :

Shirt Dress : Monki
Necklace : Urban Outfitters
Boots : Vagabond

This dress is possibly my favourite dress I've ever bought. Not only is it created from a luxurious soft cotton that gives it a COS type feel, it's perfectly oversized to the point of 'oh don't mind me in this shirt of my boyfriend's I just happened to throw on this morning!' It's funny thinking about how my style has evolved since starting uni four years ago. I used to think that Levi denim shorts, tights and trainers would be my signature look for life. I also thought my Victoria Beckham inspired 'pob' was the be all and end all of haircuts. Oh how things change!

Sunday 29 March 2015

March Playlist :

Young Fathers - DEAD
When these guys won the Mecury award I wasn't too sure. I don't think I'd listened to them before then and was kind of miffed that FKA Twigs had missed out on it. Having said that, I'm now kicking myself, waiting for their new album to drop. This album from last year is a beaut, and every single song speaks for itself and isn't overshadowed by another. Keeping my fingers crossed they'll be announced on the Glastonbury line-up!

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
I've been waitinggg for this album for what seems like forever and it certainly doesn't disappoint! It's a shame it leaked early and it's also a shame that it's not going to be released on vinyl, but I guess it doesn't matter when the album is soOo good.

Raury - Indigo Child
This guy is my Spotify find of the month. I've never heard him before scrolling through this week's New to Spotify... This six song album is just brilliant and 'God's Whisper' is the track you should all go listen to riiight now...

Rag'n'Bone Man - Wolves
I went a Rag'n'Bone Man gig last weekend at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. I've been to a lotttt of gigs in my time, but somehow that was the first at that venue and we ended up stood next to Bipolar Sunshine all night! The gig was bloody brilliant and I've got a lot of time for his soulful voice, so I've had this album on repeat since!

What have you lot been listening to over the last month?

Thursday 26 March 2015

What I Wore :

Jumper : Monki
Jeans : ASOS
Jewellery : Primark
Trainers : Adidas

So I'm off home for my final ever Easter holidays today - eek! I won't be posting as many outfits over the next couple of weeks, but I'll try and think of something to keep myself entertained!

Speaking of entertainment, I just bought myself a load of things to start embroidering. I decided that I definitely need a hobby to stop myself becoming bored and restless and doing f all with my life! I keep finding amazing embroiderers on Instagram and falling in love with the idea of creating a wall full of hoops with cool artwork inside. We'll see how that goes, and how long I can keep motivation up for...

Wednesday 25 March 2015

What I Wore :

Shirt : Pop Boutique
Jeans : ASOS
Shoes : Vagabond
Jewellery : H&M

I forgot I had this shirt, until my housemate returned it to me the other day after having borrowed it for a party about two years ago. To be quite honest I think this is the first time I've even worn it myself... The collar is a bit too big for my liking, but that can be ignored in favour of the gingham print and the oversized fit! I also really like the western embroidery detail on the shoulders which I don't think I've noticed before.

It feels weird that it's nearly Easter and that in about 8 weeks time I will have handed in my last part of my final project and my time at university will be over. I still haven't figured out how I feel about that. Part of me is so excited to grow up and do things like travel and get a job that lets me buy things from ASOS on the regular, but another part of me is totally depressed that arguably the best four years of my life are over... Deep.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

What I Wore :

Jumper : Primark
Top : Topshop
Riding Pants : American Apparel
Boots : Vagabond

I've literally had the busiest weekend of my life. Since friday, I've been to three gigs, eaten at four different cafes/restaurants and taken six train journeys. Not only have I been non-stop, I'm now even more skint than before. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can earn money whilst in bed watching Netflix, it'd be highly appreciated. To add to my money woes, I bought an Olympus 35mm camera for £2 from a charity shop the other day, and I've used up two rolls of film already. So yeah, that's gonna be at least a tenner to develop! It seems the more skint I am, the more money I spend. How that works, I have no idea... 

I've always loved disposable style photographs and the ease of point-and-shoot photography might encourage me to take photos more regularly. Depending on how well these two films develop, I might even feature a few on here!

Monday 23 March 2015

Wishlist : Seventies Style Bags

This is a bit different to my usual wishlist type posts, but after buying the most perfect Urban Outfitters black leather rucksack in the January sales, I am now a complete bag convert. Until this moment I'd never really seen the point when I had pockets on a jacket, but oh how I was wrong... A bag can transform an entire look just by being a certain colour, fabric or style.

Seeing as I'm partial to the whole seventies revival thing - and totally accepting of anything suede and tassled into my wardrobe - I've been obsessing over a few bags in particular... 

Jones Blip Backpack
Continuing my obsession with backpacks... Because obviously you need one in every colour, for every possible occasion! These brown leather beauty is literally the best staple rucksack I've seen. 

Zara Fringed Bag
Oh just because everything in Zara is literally perfect right now. This is the most amazing bag I've ever seen and I'll never not love wicker bags. 

Jones Saxby Cross-body Bag
I didn't even realise that Jones sold anything other than boots, but after spending far too long deciding which of their bags to feature on this weeks wishlist, I'm sold. They have a beautiful collection of suede, fringed and tassled bags that are really hard to pick from! This one in particular is making me want to book a summer holiday so I can take it to the beach with me!

ASOS Fringed Cross-body Bag
Bit of fringing never hurt nobody. I have a brown leather bag similar to this, and you can never go wrong with the black suede version!

Jones Stallard Handbag
This reminds me of a bag my mum used to have when I was about 14 and I always, always wanted to borrow it (regardless of the fact the only thing I could keep in a bag aged 14 was my Motorola Rzr and some lip gloss). However now I am at an age where it's totally acceptable to carry round hundreds of totally (un)necessary items, this bag would be ideal! I love the brown croc look leather panels and the tassel detail and I think it would look amazing paired with my flares!

...So there you have it. Which is your fave? Or have you scouted out any other similar bags this season?

Saturday 21 March 2015

Inspired : Stripes

Nothing ground breaking this week - just stripey. Kinda wanna try a full striped outfit, the contrasting lines would look ace.

All images taken from my Pinterest.

Thursday 19 March 2015

What I Wore :

Top : GAP
Cardigan : Monki
Jeans : Primark
Trainers : Vans

I know, I know, Netflix is usually at the centre of each of my posts but as sad as it is, that's pretty much how I spend most days... I watched Nymphomaniac part one last night - which is seriously good. It's quite uncomfortable viewing in parts but Lars Von Trier is a genius at film. It even made me cry at the very end, which is something I never do at films!

Anyway, onto this outfit... I bought this kimono type cardigan from Monki a while back and tend to just wear it as a dressing gown because it's so damn comfy! I value that factor above all when getting dressed every day. If I'm not comfortable with what I'm wearing, what's the point? Why walk around it the highest of heels if you're just going to moan about have sore feet? Just put some trainers on and have a better time of it!