Tuesday 23 September 2014


Currently obsessing over wearing one colour head to toe, crisp silk, cashmere tailoring and loose fitting everything. These neutral colour palettes are making me weep. 

*all images taken from Pinterest

Tuesday 16 September 2014


Having a bit of a metal moment, musically and otherwise. I'm starting to feel like a magpie, collecting anything shiny! I love all of these images for different reasons. Some for the pure simplicity, such is the tube of whatever. Others like the silver vinyl for no other reason than because it looks amazing and I want it...

*all images from Pinterest. Follow me!

Monday 1 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

Because why not further your plaid shirt collection with a seasonal flannel dress? Clueless yellow and black is everything.

I've been searching for the perfect camel coat EVERYWHERE, and while it's not yet freezing outside, this blazer like style looks perfect for the new season. 

I'll never not want every pair of Vagabond boots. These are my current favourites!

I'm determined to experiment with longer lengths and layers this season and this dress is perfect!

See my prior post on my obsession with fine jewellery, this fits riiight into my collection!

They're gold and pretty and you can never have too many stackable rings right?

It just looks so comfortable and oversized and can be paired with pretty much anything. 
So much better then double denim-ing.

Simply because I've had this album on repeat for months, and my vinyl player that I got for my 21st is my favourite toy.