Sunday 27 April 2014


Little bit in love with Vagabond and completely desperate for a pair of ugly mules. No idea why. 

Somehow every pair I set my heart on is black leather, which makes steering away from being a full time goth wannabe in head-to-toe black just that little bit harder...


Monday 21 April 2014


The only thing I've ever bought from Forever 21 is a camel blazer which has had a hell of a lot of wear. I don't why I don't shop there more often to be quite honest! It's pretty much my ideal summer wardrobe all under one roof/site. 

These pastel pink and black floral numbers are beautiful, I'm not a fan of maxi skirts as they tend to make me look shorter than I am, but the high slits and waistlines make up for the length! I'm going to have to start sneaking these into my everyday wardrobe, because at £12 for the skirts it'd be rude not to really.

These styles are making me even more envious of everyone who's been to Coachella this year!


My latest girl crush is mega babe Kelis. Since Lil Star and Millionaire she's grown so much as an artist and this latest album, Food, is her sixth. It's so much classier than her Milkshake days - a song which everyone thought was pretty much a one hit wonder. She's such a soulful, versatile voice, which only aids her in so many different genres. 

Jerk Ribs and Rumble are the first two releases of the album and they don't disappoint. Her smoky voice belts out the r&b numbers, while the keys and electronica beats make it so different to what everyone else seems to be doing at the minute. It's got the makings of a summer soundtrack record, and I definitely, definitely need it on vinyl!

Friday 18 April 2014


I'm probably the world's most awkward photo subject, I just never know what to do with my arms. Or legs. Or face. I guess it's pretty mandatory to have outfit posts, so here goes nothing! 

It's Good Friday and I've spent the day freckling, eating ice lollies and taking the dog for a walk. I wish every weekend was a four day bank holiday, it's been so so chilled! 

Definitely a casual outfit today, premiering my new Topshop mom jeans with frayed ankles - I'm obsessed. I've always worn skinny jeans, and I mean always. This is my (ever) first venture into baggy, boyfriend-y, mom jeans and now there's no going back and I've got my eye on another three pairs.. Oops.

Happy Easter guys!

Jeans - Topshop 
Top - American Apparel
Sliders - Adidas 

Wednesday 2 April 2014


I'm completely and utterly obsessed with white crochet. I keep wanting to spell it 'crotchet' though.
Crotchet. Sounds better.

Because it's so delicate and girly, there's a risk of looking quite twee. It's best kept simple and clean - two white pieces together. A lightweight linen a la photo 1 compliments the detail of the crochet, while a dress or all in one would look beaut with pendant jewellery and Birks.

There's just something about this fabric that makes me want to only ever wear bell bottom flares for the rest of my life. Forget the nineties revival for a second, the seventies might just be surpassing in terms of easy to wear, loosely cut fabrics or flowing hair laced with daisies.

Nasty Gal has a huge variety of boho influenced crops and gypsy shirts laced with crochet in crisp white fabrics - mostly in the sale too!