Wednesday 17 February 2016

OOTD | Love Actually knitwear

Coat (GAP sale in-store) | Jumper (H&M in-store) | Scarf (similar here, H&M in-store) | Jeans | Boots

I go to New York this Friday! Super duper excited, if not slightly shivery at how cold it's supposed to be. Right now it's something like -20 degrees, so I've been stockpiling coats, jumpers and scarves like a mad woman in preparation. I've never been to America before, so I'm pretty excited for the culture shock - any tips on where to go or what to see would be cool!
Sticking with my theme of toning down my wardrobe - I've started to ignore colours and patterns and impulse buys, much more in favour of muted colours and staple items. For example - a pair of snakeskin boots have been on my wishlist forever, and because of their monochrome palette, they pretty much go with every outfit combination I own. 
This jumper has gotten so much wear over the past couple of months. It's quite honestly the cosiest item in my wardrobe. I pretty much chuck it on every single day, after getting dressed and realising my outfit isn't cold weather appropriate. My boyfriend tells me it reminds me of Jamie's cheating girlfriend from Love Actually - which is a great compliment. That jumper is the best.

I realised whilst writing this post that I am such a cheapskate. I literally refuse to pay full price for anything - all of these items were either purchased with my discount or in the January sales. I always manage to find absolute bargains - prime example being this thermal lined coat. It's been reduced from £100 to £25, so if you can still find it in GAP stores it's definitely worth a purchase!

Saturday 13 February 2016

Farfetch | Style the shoot


Farfetch recently got in touch to ask whether I fancied styling a pair of their new season sunglasses into a wishlist. Obviously I said yes, because sunglasses are one of my true loves in life and also because I'm off to New York in a couple of weeks, and a new pair of frames are high on my duty-free list.

Farfetch have a wonderfully helpful style hub that provides you with some great tips on how to choose your perfect pair, which you can find hereHaving an oval-ish shaped face, I sometimes find it difficult to pick a pair of sunglasses that actually suit me. Therefore aviator and cat-eye shapes are an absolute no-go as they look absolutely absurd on my face. Farfetch's style hub agreed with me completely on this and recommended that thick, squarish frames would suit me best. While I agreed with this - I wear this style of seeing-glasses 24/7 - I also tend to opt for round frames; as sometimes very square glasses give me a very square face - whereas round glasses soften my jawline. There really is so much to choose from on Farfetch and you can check out their collection of new season sunglasses to find the perfect pair for you.

This particular pair by Linda Farrow stood out to me on my first scroll through Farfetch's (massive) selection of frames. Firstly because most, if not all, of my sunglasses are either black or tortoiseshell and I'm drawn to anything a little bit different. Secondly because they are literally everything I was imagining my next pair of sunglasses to look like! They're just so effortlessly cool, without looking too vintage. The double frame of gold and grey isn't overbearing or heavy, and the slimline arms aren't branded at all. Thirdly, because of their subtle colour, they would actually just go with everything. Perfect. 

When putting together the rest of my look, of course my first point of call was Pinterest. I've been slightly obsessing over powder pink for the last couple of weeks - it's a phase - and this particular wishlist is completely inspired by that factor. Oh that, and it's comfort level!

Sunglasses | Jacket | Tee | Culottes | Bra | Trainers | Earrings 

Thursday 11 February 2016

New in | The pink trainers dreams are made of

Jeans - Zara (similar)
Trainers - Puma via Urban Outfitters (only available in purple & grey now!)

Sometimes - as I'm pretty much sure 100% of everybody else who shops at Urban Outfitters does - I buy things purely because they're really, really pretty. But, as I think I've mentioned before, I am not a 'pink' person. Lately however, I find myself gravitationally pulled towards anything powder pink in any shop I seem to be in. I bought these Puma's in a incredibly spontaneously "well, they've only got my size left so it must be a sign" type moment. Don't get me wrong. I live in trainers. Always have, always will. But pink trainers? I own a pair of baby pink leather Stan Smith's that I wore to death aged 14. But Puma's are just so sporty and I am just so not-sporty...

I bought these in the first week of January and only this week have I braved trying them on - let alone wearing them out of the house. But then again, why shouldn't I wear something a little out of my comfort zone once in a while?

Monday 1 February 2016

OOTD | The best thing about co-ords part 2

Jacket - Zara (old)
Tee - Topshop
Trousers - Zara (sold out!)
Boots - ASOS (similar - ish)

The best thing about co-ords for me, is the ease in which they can create pretty much any outfit you fancy within the clothes you already own. I also like matching. As a child I liked to wear either velvet everything, or tartan everything. As an adult, I'm not much different. I own various different co-ords, and they are some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe - due to their sheer versatility. I like knowing that if I feel like it, I can get dressed literally in 10 seconds.

Still working on those camera settings, not a clue what I'm doing with 'manual'. It's pretty intimidating, having never used anything other than auto before! If anyone has any tips as to exposure, aperture and shutter speed, they'd be greatly appreciated...