Saturday 22 August 2015

New in : The sandals dreams are made of

Sandals : Zara (sale!)

Bit of a quick one today, buuut as I have started spending a bit of money on new clothes again, my blog will probably benefit a little from these purchases...
So as some as you may already know, Zara is on top form this season, and these sandals just further that statement - priced at a whopping £4.99. I literally can't get enough of them! The khaki neoprene-y straps, the Dr Marten esque sole. What more could you want in a sandal? I think these could be a top contender in overtaking my Birks in wearability for my next holiday, next week!

Friday 21 August 2015

What I've been pinning...

A little collection of my favourite images found on Pinterest this month. There's not really much of a theme, other than I love each for an individual reason. I spend far too long each night endlessly scrolling, but it's suchhh an amazing source of daily inspiration for me! You can follow me in real-time pinning mode here.

Monday 17 August 2015


Shorts : Cheap Monday (old)
Trainers : Adidas Stan Smith

12 photos?! This might be my longest outfit post yet. Kind of proud of that little achievement. I usually take about 150, and delete around 149. I also think I may have found my little photographic spot around the house, being this big, beautiful brick wall. Just look at those bricks. Thank you, brick wall, for solving all my backdrop probz. Oh and look, I've got links to (some of) my outfit. How very bloggable of me.

I love a good basic outfit, and this is exactly that. American Apparel tees are the shiz and I steal them off my boyfriend as often as I can. Usually without him noticing. They're just so comfy and the right amount of oversized. These Cheap Monday shorts are pretty much just boxers, but I'm not complaining...

Friday 14 August 2015

"Fashion fades, style is eternal"

The Bowes Museum in County Durham last month revealed their latest exhibition - Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal - which is running up until the 25th October. In celebration of the launch, Farfetch have set myself, and other fashion bloggers, the challenge of creating a classic Saint Laurent look, centred around the iconic smoking jacket - a piece that I think just about everybody longs to someday own!

I tried to create an outfit representative of myself, and give the smoking jacket more of a casual edge, rather than dressing it up, as that's just not my style. To be honest with you, I used the belt as the focal point of this whole look! A oversized shirt and black denims is my go-to, not-doing-anything-today style, so these pieces were essential. I added the gold boots because, well, look at them! This is a look that I would wear over and over again, something which, I guess is my classic look.

I think the beauty of Saint Laurent as a brand is the simplicity of their pieces. The entire presence of the brand echoes that of Parisian street style, and allows us mere mortal Brits to dress as if we were as cool as the French. For me, Saint Laurent is the epitome of style, and as the saying goes: Style is eternal.

You can find these pieces and many, many more Saint Laurent beauties over at Farfetch. Also, if you'd like to find out more info about the exhibition, you can do so over at the Bowes Museum website.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

50 (5) shades of grey (white)

Birkenstock : Weekday
Zip Tee : & Other Stories
Flares : Monki
Raffia Skirt : Topshop
Cord Shirt Dress : ASOS

Wahey! I haven't done one of these in a while. I think because I'm actually that skint, I've weaned myself off browsing ASOS on the hour, every hour. To be honest with you, I don't wear a lot of white, as I'm prone to spilling things on myself pretty much everytime I eat or drink something. Yet more and more, I find myself being drawn to white denim and white corduroy in particular. I'm literally staring at this Topshop skirt like the love-heart-eyed emoji. While the weather is still reasonably warm (for England), I'm very much tempted to indulge in each and every one of these pieces!

Monday 10 August 2015

Ray Bens

Top : Missguided
Trousers : Urban Outfitters
Trainers : Vans
Rucksack : Market bargain

A quick outfit post today! I've been roaming around my house looking for backdrops that aren't green. Without much luck. We have a lot of garden. And a green garage door. I was getting a bit sick of the great outdoors backdrop - too much going on! I'm trying to keep on top of this blogging lark too, with more regular outfit posts coming your way. You lucky sods.

Anyway. How fan-bloody-tastic are these sunglasses?! I've been after a pair of Ray Ban's for a loong time. So when I found these babies in a Cypriot supermarket for a whopping 19 lira (about £5) I ran with them to the till. They're one of the best dupes I've seen! I always see loads of fakes abroad with the tag 'Ray Ben', which always makes me laugh. Luckily, the spelling on these is impeccable. Happy days!

Friday 7 August 2015

Things to do and see in Northern Cyprus part 1

Ok, so bit of a gear change here. Because my holiday outfit posts were so lack lustre (my bad!) I've decided to do my own sort of tour guide. Mostly for myself, when I want to look back and reminisce, but also because I have a hell of a lot of photos I want to do something with! There's a bit of a general mix in here, from both last year and and earlier this month, as we tried to do everything this year that we didn't last year! There's also varying quality in images due to some being taken from on my film camera, some by iPhone and the rest on a DSLR... So, here goes!

Kyrenia Castle

The heart and soul of Kyrenia harbour, this castle is more of a museum nowadays and you can explore the old dungeons - which, have some really bizarre torture methods displayed - the burial site of Neanderthal people and the oldest ship wreck ever discovered. It's been rebuilt a good few times throughout the years and therefore is probably the least ruined of them all. I spent the morning walking round the walls pretending to be in Game of Thrones. Which I do in every castle. Admit it, I'm not the only one...

Vouni Palace

If you fancy scaring yourself half to death on the steepest winding hill in the WHOLE OF CYPRUS, this is the one for you. Honestly. Sheer drops on one side, and nothing but a dirt track with lots of blind corners. Pair that with the insane driving habits of Cypriot's and you probably want to turn around already. However! Once you get past the near-nervous breakdown half way up, you find the most spectacular viewing point. The ruins are pretty good, but there isn't really much else there. That view though. So worth it. It's like real life Middle Earth.

Bellapais Abbey

I could go here a hundred times and still find it fascinating! It's relatively small but in amazing condition, and the restaurants and cafés overlooking Kyrenia are something else. I first visited Bellapais with my family when I was about 9 years old. The past couple of years my boyfriend and myself have made it one of our favourite spots, especially the café underneath the tree of idleness! It is exactly the same as I remember it when I was 9 and the little old man who owns it still brings round packets of biscuits to your table!

The Ancient City of Salamis

We could have spent a lot longer here, it's huage! Full of beheaded statues and pillars galore, the site stretches back to the 11th century - so considering the quality of the ruins - especially the amphitheatre! - it's really very impressive. Though maybe that's just my love for ruins and old places speaking...

St. Hilarion Castle

I'd suggest this one earlier in the year, when the weather isn't quite so hot. We decided to visit during July, and 40 degree heat - this seemed like a great idea. I'd forgotten how intense the climb to the top was. 732 metres above sea level, which you can check out via the world's most rickety wooden platform hanging out over, well, nothing. Sheer fear. The views from the top are incredible though, and despite shaky legs all the way back down, it was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday!

So, whether you read any of that, or just skimmed through the photos, I hope you enjoyed it. As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a medieval history freak, and get way too overexcited about castles and old walls and shit like that. The next instalment will probably contain more of the same... With a few donkeys and turtles thrown in!