Friday 30 January 2015

Top 5 :

I fear I might have a problem. My morning routine has gotten to a point that before I even check my texts, facebook or Instagram, I'm on ASOS' New In section seeing if there's anything I've missed off my 'saved items' collection. 'If I was a rich girl' starts playing round and round in my head as I click the heart button on pretty much everything. But how can I not, when their own brand line is this good?

I know summer is a while off, but who cares if there's still snow falling from the sky when your wardrobe could be full of crochet and summer dresses?

To justify my choices, they are all black. No white linen, no colour and no bikinis... Yet.

The ultimate summer layer. Although, I'm actually half tempted to skip this purchase and learn to crochet instead...

ASOS' jewellery game is spot on at the moment. Which is an unfortunate thing for my bank account, because while I can resist spontaneous clothing purchases, jewellery - not so much.

Because when booking a holiday to Istanbul you need at least one pair of shoes in preperation...

Still can't get enough of two pieces, especially the kind with monochrome stripes...

This is ridiculous. It's less than 1 degree outside and I'm looking at dresses with no shoulders. What's the deal?!

All the links are in the names of the products and I'm posting them here to stop myself adding them to my online bag...

Send help.

Monday 26 January 2015

January Playlist :

John J Presley
No relation to the King. That I know of.. I first heard John J Presley on Xfm's Great Expectations for this year. His voice is so rough and raw and just ugh. 

Who isn't obsessed with BANKS? She's released one of the absolute best albums of the year in my opinion. 

Mac De Marco
My housemate introduced me to this guy a few months ago, and he's become my go-to chill-out man. He sounds very reminiscent of Kurt Vile, so I'm completely in love really.

Nick Mulvey
I'm going to see him in Manchester in March at the Albert Hall which I am looking forward to SO much. Ugh. His music is magical and I this is one of those albums I've loved since it was released and can still listen to over and over and over and...

Yeah so... Seeing as though I've recently upgraded my Spotify to Premium - which by the way, is best thing I've ever done - I thought I'd include a post on the artists I've had on repeat this month! This is a bit of a change from everything else, but music is a major part of my life, and I thought this is a good place as any to document some of my favourite artists of this year.

Friday 23 January 2015

Tuesday 20 January 2015

What I Wore :

Top : Charity Shop / Debenhams
Jeans : Urban Outfitters
Boots : Vagabond

I imposed a no-spending ban on myself to try and save a bit of money while I'm still at uni. Then I went charity shopping and told myself that it didn't count because it's cheap. And then I totally relapsed and bought a pair of ASOS boots and the most beautiful leather jacket from Zara. Oops. Well, I tried.

This tee is from a charity shop and cost me all of £3. I love that its short sleeved yet still has a turtleneck, because turtlenecks should be worn all of the time IMO. Also, I'm literally obsessed with flares, they literally go with everything and give a totally different dimension to any outfit you'd usually pair with skinnies...

Monday 19 January 2015

What I Wore :

Shirt : GAP
Jumper : Zara
Jeans & Boots : ASOS

The only white wall in my entire house has shite lighting. And as the world's most uncomfortable photo subject this leads to major stopping at my boyfriend. My bad.

I'm currently in the midst of writing my 10,000 word case study for uni, so I'm spending most of my time ignoring it and dressing up and going out for meals. Also my bad.

Friday 16 January 2015

Travel : Brussels & Bruges

I feel like I'm on Myspace again, documenting my holidays. This is just a few of the maaany photos from Brussels and Bruges just my boyfriend and myself visited the weekend before Christmas, and so they mainly consist of Christmas markets, Christmas trees and an awfully strange Christmas nativity parade (red jacketed marching band). Belgium is such a beautiful country and I'm so happy we managed to squeeze in travelling to Bruges for the day, even if it was full of tourists (ourselves included)... 

My favourite places are as follows... The botanical gardens which featured in my first outfit post, with incredible turquoise statues lining the pathways. 

A little gem of a record shop that stocked everything you could ever imagine. We picked up a 'Petite Surprise' package of 7" lps for 2 euros - which was a little Christmas present to ourselves! 

Grand Place, the obvious tourist destination. Each evening, every half hour or so, orchestral music starts booming around the square while a spectacular light show lights up each magnificently grand building. Seriously breath taking. 

St Catherine's Christmas markets are also a must see - there's so many stalls to see and so much gluhwein to drink!

Four days was pretty much the perfect length of time for a 'weekend break', enough time to see all the sights, find a favourite cafĂ© and actually have a break from real life! I'm off to Egypt tomorrow for an all-inclusive week of writing my dissertation and lying by the pool. I'm excited to escape the freezing English climate, although it means I need to try and remember how to dress for hot weather... 

Thursday 15 January 2015

Top 5 :

There is nothing I hate more than a sale. I always subconsciously find myself adding item after item to in my online shopping basket before I give myself a bit of a talking to. Do I really want this? Would I pay full price for it? The answer is usually no. Why not save the money to put towards something I really want?

Don't get me wrong, there's no better feeling then finding out the item you've been drooling over for the last two months has 50% off, and there's always one store's sale I do check religiously. If you've not already guessed, that store is Zara. I even braved real-life shopping to see what was left in store!

So that being said, this week's top 5 is a mixture of seriously beautiful new collection and a few old favourites that I'm tempted to splurge on now they're on sale...

Hand Embroidered Velvet Dress : I don't even think this needs a description. Just look at it.

Velvet Blazer : For some reason everything I want right now is either velvet or leather. Not sure how that would look as a daily ensemble. This whole three piece of blazer, cami and trousers are everything I need right now.

Black Ribbed Sweater : Take a good look at that hemline and tell me you don't want to wear that everyday...

Leather Jacket : I can't even choose a favourite out of these five items. Wait, yes I can. This. It's the perfect leather.

Bronze Boots : Another sale item I've had my eye on for a while! Just waiting for the price to drop a little futher... They'd make a nice change from the seventeen pairs of black boots I already own.

Monday 5 January 2015

What I Wore : New Year's Eve

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's the 5th of January. But I completely forgot to post this in between dying of flu and drinking ridiculous amounts of Kahlua over the new year... 

My boyfriend is the best. Why? Because he bought me first piece of Kooples clothing for Christmas. I know I shouldn't get so excited over a black t-shirt but it's the king of black t-shirts. Seriously. So obviously it was my first choice New Year's Eve attire. Paired with black skinnies and my trusty Vagabonds and various bits of jewellery. Nothing fancy, but I did sequins last year.