Wednesday 8 April 2015

What I Wore :

Top : Urban Outfitters
Jeans : Primark
Boots : Vagabond

So, this is the last post I had scheduled whilst being at home.(There's a serious lack of white walls in my house!) Once I get back to uni, I'll be posting far more regularly! I hope. If uni work doesn't get in the way. I still have a couple of Inspired posts and maybe even something new to blog about... Thank you guys for sticking with me over the last couple of weeks, I read - and reread - all your comments and appreciate you taking the time to read each post so, so much!

This is just a standard everyday outfit that I wear far too often. These boots are the absolute bees knees. I got them in the Vagabond sale a couple of years ago for about a tenth of the price they should have been. Bargain queen of the footwear world right here! I love how Coachella-esque they look and how everytime I put them on, I can pretend that it's summer and I'm off to a festival...

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