Saturday 16 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

I've wanted a big felt hat for ages, but they're all the same really aren't they? But this one is just enough Western for me, with the mega cool cowboy type badges adorned to the edges. Need.

The 90's isn't going anywhere.

Because I think you should always try and dare yourself to wear something out of the ordinary. I've been crying over how much I love flares and how short my legs are (baaad combination) but I might just have to purchase these from Zara as a test. 

I might have several (hundred) black tees, but this one has kimono sleeves and a high neck. And a zip on the back. So...

Again, no reason, just because.

You can never have too many stripey shirts, and I love the Oxford style simplicity of this one.

I've never had a good watch, so this changeable strap one by Timex looks perfect!

So shiny. I'd wear this with the following shoes and cry with happiness I think... 

Errr, hello, because who doesn't want to wear these shoes all day every day? They're going to make every outfit, even jeans and a black tee look mega.

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