Wednesday 12 November 2014

Top 5 : ASOS

I browse the ASOS 'New In' section on a daily basis and my Saved Items is a good few hundred items long - god help my boyfriend this Christmas... 
I hate shopping unless it's online, and I swear ASOS own line items just get better and better.

Midi Dress w/ Drop Waist
Not going to lie, I'm a hater of anything with a drop waist. I have stupidly short legs for someone of my height so it never sounds like a good idea to emphasise that. However... 

Sun Earrings
Anything celestial is good in my books. Any type of ridiculously oversized hoop earrings are my forté.

Oversized Knit Scarf
Ok, so I already own this but I'm so obsessed with it I didn't want to cut it from here. It's everything you could ever want from a scarf and more. 

Oversized Jumper Dress
For someone like me who spends most of my time in my bed, when I do actually need to leave the house for whatever reason I like to wear clothes that don't cause me any unnecessary stress. This dress looks like a blanket and I need it.

Utility Peg Trousers
I keep reading articles about 'How to have a clutter free wardrobe', and it looks great. Having only two pairs of trousers must be really liberating. It's definitely not the lifestyle for me.

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