Sunday 16 November 2014


Having spent the last five weeks not sleeping and instead binging on Orange is the New Black, drinking insane amounts of coffee and running on pretty much just cold & flu tablets, my first project of final year - an entire magazine - has been completed and handed in. Deep breaths. 

Now I only have to write a case study of 10,000 words, I feel faaar more relaxed. 

I went home for the weekend, mainly to see my dog, but also to get fed and have a bath. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living with my mates and having my own independence to look after myself and get drunk every other night of the week, but after four years** of living away from home I still somehow haven't mastered the art of doing a weekly shop. Or cooking for that matter. 

**Four years?! I can't even grasp how quickly that's gone... I literally have six months left. Fuck.

Also, big up to my boyfriend for being my photographer and filter chooser for the first time!

Coat : Missguided
Jumper : H&M
Jeans : ASOS
Shoes : Vagabond

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