Saturday 13 December 2014

What I Wore :

Before I say goodbye to my hair, I've been plaiting it and corn-rowing it like there's no tomorrow. I've still not mastered the art of neat lines, or not getting a dead arm whilst in the process, but perhaps when it's short I might have a better chance...

This sweat may be a dupe but I didn't realise it had potential as 'favourite thing I've ever bought' until this last couple of weeks. I bought it last autumn and stuck it at the back of my wardrobe because it was too boxy and everyone else in the world was wearing it. For me, I think that's the ultimate deterrence for a piece of clothing.

HOWEVER... As the weather's been dancing around the 0 degrees mark and I'm having to de-ice my car of a morning, all I want and need from life is just want to be warm. I never am mind, because I think I might actually be cold-blooded... 

And it's got a turtle-neck, so in my eyes there's nothing better.

Sweat : SheInside

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