Tuesday 20 January 2015

What I Wore :

Top : Charity Shop / Debenhams
Jeans : Urban Outfitters
Boots : Vagabond

I imposed a no-spending ban on myself to try and save a bit of money while I'm still at uni. Then I went charity shopping and told myself that it didn't count because it's cheap. And then I totally relapsed and bought a pair of ASOS boots and the most beautiful leather jacket from Zara. Oops. Well, I tried.

This tee is from a charity shop and cost me all of £3. I love that its short sleeved yet still has a turtleneck, because turtlenecks should be worn all of the time IMO. Also, I'm literally obsessed with flares, they literally go with everything and give a totally different dimension to any outfit you'd usually pair with skinnies...

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