Friday 30 January 2015

Top 5 :

I fear I might have a problem. My morning routine has gotten to a point that before I even check my texts, facebook or Instagram, I'm on ASOS' New In section seeing if there's anything I've missed off my 'saved items' collection. 'If I was a rich girl' starts playing round and round in my head as I click the heart button on pretty much everything. But how can I not, when their own brand line is this good?

I know summer is a while off, but who cares if there's still snow falling from the sky when your wardrobe could be full of crochet and summer dresses?

To justify my choices, they are all black. No white linen, no colour and no bikinis... Yet.

The ultimate summer layer. Although, I'm actually half tempted to skip this purchase and learn to crochet instead...

ASOS' jewellery game is spot on at the moment. Which is an unfortunate thing for my bank account, because while I can resist spontaneous clothing purchases, jewellery - not so much.

Because when booking a holiday to Istanbul you need at least one pair of shoes in preperation...

Still can't get enough of two pieces, especially the kind with monochrome stripes...

This is ridiculous. It's less than 1 degree outside and I'm looking at dresses with no shoulders. What's the deal?!

All the links are in the names of the products and I'm posting them here to stop myself adding them to my online bag...

Send help.

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