Tuesday 3 March 2015

What I Wore :

Jumper : Next
Jeans : ASOS
Trainers : Adidas
Necklace : H&M

So this is different... It's far less awkward than getting someone else to take photos for me, but far more awkward in terms of positioning my arms so I don't look completely disjointed. Nevertheless it's the best I can do with an arm and an iPhone! Maybe I should try and find an iPhone tripod. Do they exist? That's a money-making scheme right there.

Considering I fork out for my iPhone 6 every month, I don't exactly make the most of it. The only time I really spend on my phone is playing the Kim Kardashian game. Yeah, tragic I know. The only other app that I spend a considerable amount of time on is VSCOcam, which is host to the most beauuutiful filters. Not the easiest thing to correct the white balance on though, hence the varying colours of these images... High Snobiety have released a pack of filters that you can download for free and they are just the best - HB2 is the one.

This jumper is another I rescued from my mum's charity shop pile. It's so comfy and warm and perfect to throw on for another manic day spent stressing out in final year lectures... I have serious creative-block at the minute - which has come at the worst timing in the world, considering I have about two months until my final project needs handing in! Wish me luck.

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