Friday 6 March 2015

What I Wore :


Shirt : H&M
Coat : Primark
Jeans : Topshop
Trainers : Adidas

Tonal dressing is my favourite thing, yet I've never been brave enough to purposefully purchase an entire outfit in one shade, let alone actually leave the house in it! This was a happy accident that came together in a rush to leave the house for uni one morning. It was only when I sat down and looked at my outfit did I realise I was blue. (dabadeedabadi)

I haven't actually bought anything new in about a month, and seem to be more drawn to what's already in my wardrobe than what's new on ASOS. I don't know whether it's the subconscious acceptance that I am in fact a skint student, or just that I'm trying to live in a less materialistic way. My style has completely changed since starting uni four years ago and I feel I've finally become comfortable with my own way of dressing. When I was about 18, if I had 'nothing' to wear I'd go out and buy something new. Now I just root around in my wardrobe until something looks good - and if it doesn't then who the hell cares anyway!

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