Tuesday 24 March 2015

What I Wore :

Jumper : Primark
Top : Topshop
Riding Pants : American Apparel
Boots : Vagabond

I've literally had the busiest weekend of my life. Since friday, I've been to three gigs, eaten at four different cafes/restaurants and taken six train journeys. Not only have I been non-stop, I'm now even more skint than before. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can earn money whilst in bed watching Netflix, it'd be highly appreciated. To add to my money woes, I bought an Olympus 35mm camera for £2 from a charity shop the other day, and I've used up two rolls of film already. So yeah, that's gonna be at least a tenner to develop! It seems the more skint I am, the more money I spend. How that works, I have no idea... 

I've always loved disposable style photographs and the ease of point-and-shoot photography might encourage me to take photos more regularly. Depending on how well these two films develop, I might even feature a few on here!

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