Monday 16 March 2015

What I Wore :

Shirt : H&M
Jeans : ASOS
Trainers : Adidas
Watch : Timex

Making the most of this white wall aren't I?! I wish I could come on here and write about how much work I've done on my final project, and how proud I am of how my research file is coming along... But I'm not going to lie. All I've done so far this week is watch House of Cards continuously. Oh, and I've watered my plants. Living the dream right here.

I've felt so crap lately and can't seem to shake the feeling of impending doom... Every day I waste doing nothing is getting me nowhere and I'm stuck in a rut of not knowing what I want out of life. I have no motivation, ambition or drive and I don't have a clue how to change it. Ugh, life.

I realise this written content has absolutely nothing to do with the photos. But what needs saying about a plaid shirt and black jeans? 

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